A peek at me in the Studio.......

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I'm sharing two (2) pieces of art :

 • Let Go and • Glory in the Garden

In gratitude for stopping by...... download and keep, send to a friend - my wish is that it brightens someones day!

This art is a self portrait - created shortly after my divorce. If this message resonates with you ( I used it for a long time as my wallpaper image on my phone ) or you feel it would help a friend - just click pay what you want, and I'll send you a

digital hi - res image.

"Sometimes when it looks like everything is coming apart, it's actually all Coming Back Together." Renewal.

- with love and light, Adonna

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My love of art began in high school. In my junior year, I studied Commercial Art,

and instantly knew that art was the career for me.  After school, I spent 16 years in the field

of advertising and marketing, working for small, family - owned advertising agencies

in the Midwest and New Jersey.

I moved to the west coast in 1998, and currently raising two wonderful boys.

My oldest is now 21 (whew!) and my youngest is 16.....(this one...he was born 40! Can I just say that more than one person told me "Oh, he's been here before").


I have recently leaped back into painting, exploring lots of mediums,

and really diggin' acrylic and  mixed media.

My mission is to create art that inspires and uplifts people and their space.


I hope you enjoy my work. Take a peek around, and if you feel so inclined,

drop me a line......or hey, follow me on social media.

copyright 2016 artistrybyadonna

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