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Pay Art Forward


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"Pay it Forward day" is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness

felt across the world.

I LOVE that!  So, in that spirit, I want to

"Pay Art Forward".  - take a look at my art entitled "Glory in the Garden".

This piece of art was greatly inspired by my trip to my very first artist residency in France, and my visit to Monet Gardens. (hello, I've fallen in love!) It is my hope that once this adorns your wall, you will feel all the joy I felt while being there.

One winner UPDATE:!!!

Congrats to Kind Sign Kits on Instagram!

She has a 12 x 16 ready to hang canvas wrap ( $150 value ) reproduction of "Glory in the Garden". Here's the thing tho!

I trust that you will play along.......once you have enjoyed the art for it forward by sending it to someone else to enjoy!

Here's hoping y'all can play along and watch the travels..........

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let's follow along and watch the travels!